Certificate IV in Surface Coal Mining (Open Cut Examiners)

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Core Units

BSBSUS301 - Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

RIIBLA205D - Store, handle and transport explosives

RIIERR401D - Apply and monitor surface operations emergency preparedness and response procedures

RIIMEX405D - Apply and monitor systems and methods of surface coal mining

RIIMPO403D - Monitor interaction of heavy and light vehicles and mining equipment

RIIRIS402D - Carry out the risk management processes

RIIWHS301D - Conduct safety and health investigations    

RIIWHS402D - Examine and maintain mine safety

RIIWHS404D - Implement and monitor health and hygiene management systems

Group A Electives

RIIBLA201D - Support shotfiring operations

RIIBLA301D - Conduct surface shotfiring operations

Group B Electives

RIIBHD301D - Conduct surface blast hole drilling operations

RIIMPO301D - Conduct hydraulic excavator operations

RIIMPO302D - Conduct hydraulic shovel operations

RIIMPO303D - Conduct rope shovel operations

RIIMPO304D - Conduct wheel loader operations

RIIMPO308E - Conduct tracked dozer operations

RIIMPO310D - Conduct grader operations

RIIMPO336D - Conduct belly dump truck operations

RIIMPO337D - Conduct articulated truck operations

RIIMPO338D - Conduct haul truck operations

RIIMPO312D - Conduct scraper operations

RIIMPO329D - Conduct dragline operations

Group C Electives

BSBCUS401 - Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies

BSBINM401 - Implement workplace information system

BSBINN301 - Promote innovation in a team environment

BSBLED401 - Develop teams and individuals

BSBMGT401 - Show leadership in the workplace

BSBMGT402 - Implement operational plan

BSBWOR404 - Develop work priorities

RIIBLA308D - Conduct electronic blasting operations

RIICOM301D - Communicate information

RIIERR403D - Lead rescue team

RIILAT402D - Provide supervision in the leadership of diverse work teams

RIIMPO401D - Supervise mobile plant operations

RIIMPO402D - Apply the principles of earthworks construction

RIIRIS403D - Managing and coordinating spill responses

TAEASS401B - Plan assessment activities and processes

TAEASS402B - Assess competence