Advanced Diploma of Underground Coal Mining Management 


24 Months

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Core Units

RIIERR602D - Establish and maintain underground coal mine emergency preparedness and response systems

RIIMCU601D - Establish and maintain the spontaneous combustion management plan

RIIMCU602D - Establish and maintain the gas management system

RIIMCU605D - Establish and maintain the inrush management plan

RIIMCU606D - Establish and maintain the mining method and strata management systems

RIIRAI603D - Establish and maintain mine transport systems and production equipment

RIIRAI604D - Establish and maintain mine services and infrastructure systems

RIIRIS601D - Establish and maintain the risk management system

RIIUND601D - Establish and maintain the ventilation management system

Group A Electives

RIIBLA202D - Support underground shotfiring operations

RIIBLA302D - Conduct shotfiring operations in underground coal mines

Group  B Electives

RIIENV601D - Establish and maintain the environmental management system

RIIGOV601D - Establish, maintain and develop a statutory compliance management system

RIIMCU603D - Establish and maintain the gas drainage management plan

RIIMCU604D - Establish and maintain the outburst management plan

RIIRIS403D - Manage and coordinate spill response

RIIUND603D - Manage, operate and maintain the mine ventilation system

RIIWHS601D - Establish and maintain the work health and safety management system

Course Duration

RII60315 - Advanced Diploma of Underground Coal Mining Management - 24 months


Courses delivered at Australian Management and Safety Training office in Walkerston commence at 7am and would normally conclude approximately 4 pm depending on class size and trainee skill level

RII60315 - Advanced Diploma of Underground Coal Mining Management
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