Certificate IV in Underground Coal Operations

Core Units

RIIERR402D - Apply and monitor underground coal mine emergency preparedness and response systems

RIIMCU403D - Apply and monitor the gas management plan

RIIMCU406D - Apply and monitor the inrush management plan

RIIMCU407D - Apply and monitor the strata management plan

RIIMCU408D - Apply the spontaneous combustion management plan

RIIMEX406D - Apply and monitor mine transport system and production equipment

RIIRAI401D - Apply and monitor mine services and infrastructure systems

RIIRIS402D - Carry out the risk management processes

RIIUND401D - Apply and monitor the ventilation management plan

Group A Electives

RIIBLA202E - Support underground shotfiring operations

RIIBLA302D - Conduct shotfiring operations in underground coal mines

Group B Electives

RIIMCU303D - Conduct continuous miner operations

RIIMCU304D - Conduct shuttle car operations

RIIMCU305D - Conduct outburst mining operations

RIIMCU306D - Conduct shearer operations

RIIMCU307D - Conduct longwall face equipment operations

RIIMCU401D - Conduct special roadway operations

RIIMCU404E - Apply and monitor the gas drainage management plan

RIIMCU405D - Apply and monitor the outburst management plan 

RIIUND304D- Recover equipment

Group C Electives

BSBCUS401 - Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies

BSBINN301 - Promote innovation in a team environment

BSBLED401 - Develop teams and individuals

BSBMGT401 - Show leadership in the workplace

BSBMGT402 - Implement operational plan

BSBMGT403 - Implement continuous improvement

BSBWHS401 - Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to meet legislative requirements

BSBWOR404 - Develop work priorities

RIICOM301D - Communicate information

RIIERR403D - Lead rescue team

RIILAT402D - Provide supervision in the leadership of diverse work teams

RIIRIS403D - Managing and coordinating spill responses

RIIWHS301D - Conduct safety and health investigations